All Accredited by the Department of Labour as well as SETA First Aid

Level 1 – 2 Days - Unit Standard - 119567 (2 Day Course)

Basic First aid care in the work place, all the do's and dont's, CPR and use of the AED. Includes course material, presentation, and interaction between students, practical’s and a written exam.

FirstAid Level 2 – 3 Days - Unit Standard – 120496 (3 Day Course)

Provide Risk based primary emergency care/first aid in the work place.  Slightly more advanced than Level 1, this course will enable the first responder to provide primary emergency care in response to an occupational risk induced or any health emergency in their specific workplace.

BasicFire Fighting – 4 Hours

The basic fire fighting course offers to teach students the different types of fire extinguishers, classes of fire, how a fire starts and how to extinguish a fire.

- Advanced Fire & Fire Marshall – 1 day
- Evacuation Training – 1 day
- SHE Rep – 1 Day
- 16.2 Legal Liability
- Incident Investigation & HIRA – 2 Days
- Scaffold Erector – 1 day
- Scaffold Inspector – 1 Day
- Supervisor – 2 Days
- Short Practical on "How To Use a Fire Extinguisher"

Most Training is done on site, minimum number of people varies per class, starting from just 5 people per class for onsite training.

Reference gladly available on request.

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